Could I care less? Good question. sometimes I forget what this story was supposed to be about

but cheers
to finding the answer.


We spent a day at “Weird Al” Yankovic’s house. In addition to getting a peek at his impressive Hawaiian shirt collection, here are 16 things we learned from hanging out with Yankovic.

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Picture: CESARE NALDI / CATERS NEWS (via Pictures of the day: 24 July 2014 - Telegraph)


Picture: CESARE NALDI / CATERS NEWS (via Pictures of the day: 24 July 2014 - Telegraph)

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Lies we tell our kids.  Found this from the postsecret blog.


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"I want to live the rest of my life, however long or short, with as much sweetness as I can decently manage, loving all the people I love, and doing as much as I can of the work I still have to do. I am going to write fire until it comes out of my ears, my eyes, my noseholes—everywhere. Until it’s every breath I breathe. I’m going to go out like a fucking meteor"

- Audre Lorde (via feniceargento)

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heaven and hell exist, in the eyes of the ones you love

in roughly two months I’m planning to to move away.

I’m excited! but I’m honestly stressed out of my mind.

The country I’m going to is really far and expensive to fly to, so buying plane tickets now is a heavy pressure game. And the list of things I have to take care of before the flight comes around is really stacked.

and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STILL. I just literally never needed it so I never got around to it. And no one wants to teach anyone to drive (or even owns cars) in San Francisco, and my parents are way too busy back in San Jose. developing a full drivers license in the country I’m going to takes YEARS to earn. If I could just practice enough to PASS the test over here, I could get the rest of the practice I need in due time.

and I have to pack up everything, everything I’ve ever owned here, and say goodbye to all the people and places I’ve spent my whole life with. (I could potentially be gone for 5 years or more). SO CRAZY!

and, there are people who I still love who I’m not involved with any more, who I’d feel so shitty not being able to give a proper goodbye to also, but I guess that’s where my hopes get selfish and unrealistic.

man, I have to somehow get to eat boiling crab/kicking crab before it disappears from my reach for A REALLY LONG TIME.

augh, and I’m applying for a foreign tax number, arranging my visa, getting my shots and prescriptions all filled before I go.. the whole task of finishing everything wakes me want to push the flight date back, but I need to stick to my guns and just get productive. even.. if it means signing up for driving classes.. omg please no



leaving around september 24th. i’m forcing myself to buy the ticket within this next hour, and then it’ll be real. it’ll be real, and I’ll be leaving. I’m going to fly headfirst into a whole new life!

and then if I don’t find a way to finish everything I’ll be so fucked

but then, if I really pull this off, I know I’m going to be spending the whole plane ride crying my damn face off.

extreme happysads

that’s one BIG ASS step for YLan, one giant insignificance to everyone else



Dr. Tsunemi Kubodera, with the help of his partner Kyoichi Mori was one of the first scientist to film the giant squid in its natural habitat. They relied on sperm-whale paths to find this squid, as sperm-whales prey on giant squids.

Scientist have learned that the giant squid uses a more agressive hunting style than they thought.

Just imagine what else is still out there.

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Raccoon dogs look very similar to raccoons but have no genetic similarities between them. They belong to belong to the Canidae family, which are known to have distinct dog and wolf like characteristics and appearance. These animals are both carnivorous and omnivorous mammals.

They are monogamous and will mate for life. It is only if the mate dies or is killed, will the other search for a new mate. Two mates will hibernate in one den. During this period they will maintain close body contact to keep each other warm and will groom each other as well. This is a trait not practiced by canines, as dogs neither hibernate and nor are they monogamous in nature.

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